QWIKFLIGHT AIR CHARTER SOLUTIONS is a specialist air charter broker, providing air charter services within Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, DR Congo, South Sudan and the entire Africa region. Working with a large network of aircraft owners and operators within the region and the African continent, we guarantee that your request will always receive utmost attention.

QwikFlight is owned and managed by a team of air charter professionals with many years of experience in the business of managing, sourcing and matching charter aircraft. Using our knowledge and experience, you get the best air charter aircraft options, great itineraries and at very competitive rates.

Whether your requirement is a private jet for VIP travel, executive and business trips, a flying safari to discerning tourist destinations, cargo and freight services and everything to do with your aircraft need, QwikFlight is available to offer you professional services with aircraft sourcing, flight itineraries, and all your travel support requirements.


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